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Since 1994, Ilekis Associates has worked diligently to build a solid reputation by providing the best service to our clients. We offer comprehensive design services tailored to a diverse client base. Our firm is committed to the delivery of quality professional services regardless of project size or scope. Each project presents a distinct set of challenges and corresponding opportunities. Our solutions are both rational and economical, yet innovative. The success of each project results from a close interactive relationship between the client and our dedicated staff.

In 1994, Alphonse Ilekis founded Ilekis Associates. With almost 50 years of experience, Alphonse brings ideas, experience, passion and innovative solutions to Ilekis Associates. Managing his own architectural firm for over 20 years, Alphonse has mentored and trained some of the best architects to think outside of the box.

Through the hard work of our architects, you can enjoy some of Ilekis Associates best works throughout the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs. Among our greatest clients, we have worked with Chicago Public Schools and Public Building Commission to exceed community needs in projects such as Byrne Elementary, Beverly Branch Library, and Miles Davis Elementary. Working as a team with American Airlines, Ilekis Associates has brought innovative concepts to such projects as Admiral Club and the Flagship Check-In. We also understand the importance of delivering the best to clients and have worked closely with CBRE and Vequity to fulfill their commitment to their clients needs with modern office build outs and inventive retail designs.  

Ilekis Associates is the answer to any of your architectural needs.  Dedicated to design excellence, each project is viewed as an opportunity not only to meet the client's needs, but to also fulfill their aspirations. 

Ilekis Associates believes that architects with diverse backgrounds, views, and experiences create the best collaborations of design and construction. 

We believe diversity is reflected in age, gender, race, culture, sexual orientation, religion, education, physical ability, personality, experiences, and approaches to work.
We seek diversity in our designs, or techniques and our employees.  A diverse team creates a strong team that is able to serve our clients and community’s needs.
By valuing their differences and creating a productive environment, we hope to maximize our employees' potential, draw on their talents, and achieve our organizational goals. 
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